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Hilliard Davidson High School
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Grammar Studies
Introductions and Conclusions
Passive & Active Voice PPT
Passive & Active Voice Worksheet
Passive & Active Voice Key
Quoting Text Effectively

Sentence Combining

Sentence Grammar & Style Tutorial
Ten Sentence Types


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All Purpose
HCSD Academic Writing Rubric
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Electronic Presentation

Literary Terminology

Literary Terms Guide for AP
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Ad-Marketing Project
Blue Team Interdisciplinary Units
Character Sketch

Character Sketch Guide - Composition

Classification Essay

College Essays - Expository Writing
Comparison-Contrast Essay
Creative Essay

Creative Writing Semester Project

Critical Essay: Rhetorical

Deductive Logic and Fiction

Definition Essay

Descriptive Essay


Evaluation Essay
Just Sandwiches
Mission Statements

Multigenre Research Paper

Personal Mythology

Personal Narrative

Persuasive Speech
Persuasive Writing
Persuasive Writing
(old version)
Poetry Study and Portfolio (version a)
Poetry Study and Portfolio
(version b)
Process Analysis Writing (Rooftop Lab)
Scary Stories

Scientific Change & Society
Short Essays & Timed Writings
Short Story - Composition

Short Story Study

Theme Based on Quotations

TV Script
Writing About Literature


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