Honors Algebra 2
Summer Assignment

The purpose of the HA2 summer assignment is twofold: 1) it is to review the prerequisite arithmetic and algebra skills necessary for success at the advanced Algebra 2 level, and 2) it is to demonstrate a willingness on the part of the honor student to go beyond the typical college prep curriculum as well as utilize creative problem solving techniques.

Print the directions and scoring rubric, along with Part I and Part II for the assignment.  The entire assignment is worth 100 points and 10% of your first nine-weeks grade.  I have provided the grading criteria for the assignment in the form of a scoring guide.  I suggest you look over the rubric prior to beginning the assignment so that you understand the criteria by which I am assessing your work.  Feel free to ask me to clarify anything about the rubric that is unclear to you.

I encourage you to work with your classmates and help each other with material that you might have forgotten.  You can also email me with your questions and I will reply with suggestions as soon as possible. 

Directions and Scoring Guide - 2 pages
Part I - Forty Algebra I and Geometry Review Problems; 13 pages
Part II - Ten Free Response Problems; 10 pages

These worksheets are all in PDF form which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free to download and install.  If you have difficulty opening any of the documents or interpreting any of the mathematical symbols contained in them, try downloading and installing  the latest version of the program here:  Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF)

NOTE:  You can click on the PDF files to open within your browser window (if the Adobe Reader program is compatible with your browser) or you can RIGHT CLICK on the PDF file and do a "Save Link As..." to download and open the worksheets from your computer.


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