Benchmark P:  Prerequisite Skills


Content Standard
A.1.a. Identify properties of real numbers and use them and the correct order of operations to simplify expressions
A.1.b. Multiply monomials and binomials
A.1.c. Factor trinomials in the form ax2 + bx + c
A.1.d. Solve single-step and multistep equations and inequalities in one variable
A.1.e. Solve systems of two linear equations using various methods, including elimination, substitution, and graphing
A.1.f. Write linear equations in standard form and slope-intercept form when given two points, a point and the slope, or the graph of the equation
A.1.g. Graph a linear equation using a table of values, x - and y -intercepts, or slope-intercept form
A.1.h. Find the distance and midpoint between two points in the coordinate plane
A.1.i. Use sine, cosine, and tangent ratios to find the sides or angles of right triangles
A.1.j. Use inductive reasoning to make conjectures and deductive reasoning to arrive at valid conclusions