Benchmark 5: Probability; Sequences and Series


Content Standard
H.1.a. Use the fundamental counting principle to count the number of ways an event can happen
H.1.b. Use counting techniques, like combinations and permutations, to solve problems (e.g., to calculate probabilities)
H.1.c. Find the probability of mutually exclusive and nonmutually exclusive events
H.1.d. Find the probability of independent and dependent events
H.1.e. Use unions, intersections, and complements to find probabilities
H.1.f. Solve problems involving conditional probability
H.2.a. Find the nth term of an arithmetic or geometric sequence
H.2.b. Find the position of a given term of an arithmetic or geometric sequence
H.2.c. Find sums of a finite arithmetic or geometric series
H.2.d. Use sequences and series to solve real-world problems
H.2.e. Use sigma notation to express sums