Benchmark 4:  Nonpolynomial Functions


Content Standard
G.1.a. Solve mathematical and real-world rational equation problems (e.g., work or rate problems)
G.1.b. Simplify radicals that have various indices
G.1.c. Use properties of roots and rational exponents to evaluate and simplify expressions
G.1.d. Add, subtract, multiply, and divide expressions containing radicals
G.1.e. Rationalize denominators containing radicals and find the simplest common denominator
G.1.f. Evaluate expressions and solve equations containing nth roots or rational exponents
G.1.g. Evaluate and solve radical equations given a formula for a real-world situation
G.2.a. Graph exponential and logarithmic functions with and without technology
G.2.b. Convert exponential equations to logarithmic form and logarithmic equations to exponential form
G.3.a. Use the law of cosines and the law of sines to find the lengths of sides and measures of angles of triangles in mathematical and real-world problems
G.3.b. Use the unit-circle definition of the trigonometric functions and trigonometric relationships to find trigonometric values for general angles
G.3.c. Measure angles in standard position using degree or radian measure and convert a measure from one unit to the other
G.3.d. Graph the sine and cosine functions with and without technology
G.3.e. Determine the domain and range of the sine and cosine functions, given a graph
G.3.f. Find the period and amplitude of the sine and cosine functions, given a graph
G.3.g. Use sine, cosine, and tangent functions, including their domains and ranges, periodic nature, and graphs, to interpret and analyze relations