Benchmark 2:  Number Sense and Operation Skills; Quadratic Functions


Content Standard
C.1.a. Identify complex numbers and write their conjugates
C.1.b. Add, subtract, and multiply complex numbers
C.1.c. Simplify quotients of complex numbers
C.1.d. Perform operations on functions, including function composition, and determine domain and range for each of the given functions
E.1.a. Solve quadratic equations and inequalities using various techniques, including completing the square and using the quadratic formula
E.1.b. Use the discriminant to determine the number and type of roots for a given quadratic equation
E.1.c. Solve quadratic equations with complex number solutions
E.1.d. Solve quadratic systems graphically and algebraically with and without technology
E.2.a. Determine the domain and range of a quadratic function; graph the function with and without technology
E.2.b. Use transformations (e.g., translation, reflection) to draw the graph of a relation and determine a relation that fits a graph
E.2.c. Graph a system of quadratic inequalities with and without technology to find the solution set to the system
E.3.a. Identify conic sections (e.g., parabola, circle, ellipse, hyperbola) from their equations in standard form
E.3.b. Graph circles and parabolas and their translations from given equations or characteristics with and without technology
E.3.c. Determine characteristics of circles and parabolas from their equations and graphs
E.3.d. Identify and write equations for circles and parabolas from given characteristics and graphs