Benchmark 1:  Linear Functions


Content Standard
D.1.a. Solve linear inequalities containing absolute value
D.1.b. Solve compound inequalities containing “and” and “or” and graph the solution set
D.1.c. Solve algebraically a system containing three variables
D.2.a. Graph a system of linear inequalities in two variables with and without technology to find the solution set to the system
D.2.b. Solve linear programming problems by finding maximum and minimum values of a function over a region defined by linear inequalities
I.1.a. Add, subtract, and multiply matrices
I.1.b. Use addition, subtracting, and multiplication of matrices to solve real-world problems
I.1.c. Calculate the determinant of 2 x 2 and a 3 x 3 matrices
I.1.d. Find the inverse of a 2 x 2 matrix
I.1.e. Solve systems of equations by using inverses of matrices and determinants
I.1.f. Use technology to perform operations on matrices, find determinants, and find inverses