Creation of Theme: Meaningful Quotations

A Creative Writing Portfolio Project


I. Preparation: Create a Table of Contents for your class portfolio’s Major Work.  In this table of contents include a chronological list of your major pieces by title, type of writing, and skills applied.  This preparation may be used a culminating activity for your entire portfolio and can ensure success on the exam.


II. Thematic Exploration: Find three favorite quotations that best reflect your philosophies of life.  Document where they came from. Try to avoid sayings or clichés as much as possible.


·        Create a brainstorming list for the ideas you get from the discussion.


III. The Writing: Complete the writings described below.  Although you may work on any piece at any time, you will be lead through the three pieces in class with accompanying mini-lessons relevant to each type of writing.








IV. Assessment: Your work will be graded as described below. Final Exam for Creative Writing Rubric.






V. Theme Creation Journals


1. As quickly as you can, write down everything you can remember doing in this class.  Then, pick out one or two things you are really proud of having learned or improved and explain how you learned and improved that (those) skill(s).


2. (15 minutes) Take five minutes each to explore the meaning and importance to you of each quotation you have chosen.


3. On a separate piece of paper, write down six questions you'd like to have answered about your short story, being sure to leave four lines in between the questions for your peer reader to answer.  Go back to the top of the paper and, on the top line, write out the quotation which is the theme of the story.


4. Describe the most annoying thing in your life right now.  Try to be as powerful as possible with your words.  This may be shared so make it school appropriate.


5. Your overall assessment of your final project.