Assignment Criteria



Needs Work

Intro paragraph creates purpose and focus for the essay; offers insight into why essay will take the approach it does to the topic and evaluation. Thesis is clear and properly located.


Criteria for evaluation are made clear throughout the essay and are valid criteria for such an evaluation.


Discussion of each criteria is thorough and supported with relevant facts/examples.


The body paragraphs work well together: the info is presented in a logical manner, develops the focus, & all relate specifically to thesis.


Transitional devices eloquently connect body paragraphs and ideas within paragraphs to create a "flowing" effect.


The conclusion of the essay ties all the evaluated criteria together in such a way that in clinches the writer's evaluation.


The tone is appropriate for the subject and purpose of this essay and is consistent throughout. Writer is sincere and genuine, using personal belief and opinion constructively and effectively.

The writer is critical but fair and evenhanded.      
The writer seems competent to be doing such an evaluation.      

The essay has variety of sentence structures and word choices, creating a strong style.

The essay has been edited for punctuation, sentence fragments, comma splices, fused sentences, spelling, and usage errors.      

The essay is in proper MLA form.