Can be used for both original sketches or literary analysis sketches.

Assignment Criteria



Needs Work

Sketch truly captures the essence or presence of the character – is more than a physical description or even a general feel for personality.


Sketch is powerfully organized for the revelation of character; uses sophisticated and effective transitions to help create flow and a comfortable pace; avoids sounding like an interview or list.

Sketch is fully developed by avoiding unsupported generalizations – uses specific descriptions, details, and anecdotes.      

Sketch includes subtle details of human behavior such as nervous ticks, dialect, or body language.


Sketch uses not only details about the character him/herself but also pertinent and insightful observations about the character’s environment, culture, personal contacts, etc.


The tone is appropriate for the subject and purpose of this essay. Essay truly engages the reader - it is serious in the sense that it has purpose but it is also warm and personable if appropriate.


Is written in a personable or academic style with vivid and precise diction, effective imagery, flowing and sophisticated sentence variety.

The essay is free of errors: punctuation, sentence fragments, comma splices, fused sentences, spelling, and usage.      

The essay is professionally presented in the format requested; if for class, MLA style.