Literary Criticism


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General Resources for Literary Criticism

Feminist Theory (Shelley's Frankenstein)
Freudian Theory -- The Basics

Guide to the Study of Literature

Guidelines for Rhetorical Criticism

Internet Public Library of Literature and Literary Criticism

Internet Public Library:  Literary Criticism

John Hopkins University Literary Criticism

Lancan's Principles Simplified

Lacan Links

Lacan Links II

Guides to Literary Terminology

Guide to Literary Terms with Illustrative Examples
Interactive Site for Literary Terms

Intermediate Glossary of Literary Terms

Literary Terms and Techniques You Are Expected to Know

Simple Guide To Literary Terminology

Terms of Literary Criticism

Examples of Literary Criticism

Critical Writing on Gothic Literature
Deconstruction: A Perfect Example

How NOT to Write a Critical Essay

Literary Perspectives & Short Story Assignment

Our Writing Samples Page

Poetry -- Critical Essays

Writing Fiction and Critical Reviews


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