Student Work and Exemplars


A special thank you to all the students who made this page possible.

You can choose among the various types of writing in the menu below. You can also use this direct link to our Scoring Guides so you can see how each is graded. Sample papers in red indicate they are annotated with explanations and comments.

Drama, Fiction, and Poetry

Anglo Saxon Resume 1: (A-) a standard student version of this assignment; solid if ordinary
Anglo Saxon Resume
(B+) nice use of understatement, almost like a parody
Monologue 1:
(A) a great freshman monologue
Monologue 2: (A) a very strong example from our Creative Writing class
: (A+) a wonderful parody of Cavalier poetry
Where I'm From Poem
: (A+) authentic, honest, and sophisticated, this is just a great poem.

Expository, Professional, and Other Academic Writing

Academic and Professional Writing Samples from the Web
Chaucer Research Writing 1
: (A+) superior research based paper on Attraction - with a point

Chaucer Research Writing 2: (A) an excellent sample of a paper on Pride
Chaucer Research Writing 3: (A) a powerful paper on Dreams
Chaucer Research Writing 4: (A) a well written approach the Fate dilemma
Chaucer Research Writing 5: (A) a strong exploration of Intuition
Chaucer Research Writing 6: (B+) a very strong paper on Dreams
Chaucer Research Writing 7: (C) a very average paper on Dreams -- too clever and no depth
Descriptive Essay 1
: (B) beautifully written but tries just a little too hard
Definition Essay 1
: (A) an eloquent definition of love; this essay is just plain nice to read
Definition Essay 2
: (A) a definition essay that is both academically strong & personal
Hamlet Critical Essay 1: (A+) a truly superior Hamlet paper

Night Essential Question Responses 1: (A) nice, clear, well-supported writing
Night Essential Question Responses 2: (A) superb use of examples, excellent logic

Personal Narrative 1
: (A+) the best student personal narrative I've seen; a must read (.pdf)
Personal Narrative 2: (A-) not perfect but very strong
Personal Narrative 3: (B+) powerful voice and diction but underdeveloped
Personal Narrative 4: (C) good topic & some voice, but underdeveloped w/ limited technique
Persuasive Paper 1 - old version: (A) a most convincing and well written paper on Gun Control
Persuasive Paper 2 - old version: (A-) powerful use of persuasive technique & a few errors too
Persuasive Speech - First Affirmative Constructive: (A) a great example to work from
Process Analysis 1: (A-) Rooftop Lab Paper - Excellent work!
Process Analysis 2
: (B+) Rooftop Lab paper - Clear as a bell.
Process Analysis 3
: (B+) Rooftop Lab paper - Great flow and clarity.

Process Analysis 4
:(B) Rooftop Lab Paper - clear but too informal, pretty good math

Process Analysis
5: (B-) Rooftop Lab Paper - solid with passive voice but too many errors

Literary Criticism

It is important to note that these papers represent a wide variety of skill levels and understandings of the types of criticisms attempted; therefore these essays - even the A's - should not to be considered a perfect examples of the various criticisms.  Rather, each should be viewed as a "stepping stone" along our paths to mastering the skill of literary criticism.

Character Sketch 1: (A) top quality character sketch of The Sniper in rough draft form
Character Sketch 2: (A) another great character sketch of The Sniper in rough draft form
Cultural 1: my own cultural criticism of Somewhere in the Darkness
Cultural 2: (B+) a good student essay about the The Lie
Deconstruction 1: my own deconstruction of The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle (feminist)
Deconstruction 2: my own deconstruction of The Chocolate War, w/ parallel rhetorical analysis
Deconstruction 3: (A+) superb deconstruction of Walter Mitty with a nice psychological bent
Deconstruction 4
: (A) a wonderfully written deconstruction of The Most Dangerous Game
Deconstruction 5: (B) a good deconstruction of Thank You Ma'am
Feminist 1: my own feminist look at The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle w/ deconstruction
Feminist 2: (A+) a remarkable look at Shakespeare as feminist
Feminist 3: (A-) excellent feminist critique of The Lie
Freudian 1: (A) strong Freudian analysis of Marigolds
Freudian 2: (B) good Freudian analysis of The Most Dangerous Game.
Historical 1: (A) excellent historical criticism of Pride in Chaucer's Nun's Priest Tale
Lacanian 1: my own Lacanian criticism of Jacob Have I Loved - it's still a bit too literal
Lacanian 2: (A) excellent Lacanian response to Marigolds.
Lacanian 3: (A) superb Lacanian response to The Most Dangerous Game
Lacanian 4: (A-/B+) strong Lacanian look at The Lie
Lacanian 5: (B-) pretty good Lacanian response to The Lie.
Lacanian 6: (C) an average and somewhat unsuccessful attempt on The Lie.
Reader Response 1
: (A+) A well developed reader response to Death Be Not Proud (.pdf)
Reader Response 2: (A) Very well written essay in response to Death Be Not Proud (.pdf)
Reader Response 3: (B) a good example of this type of criticism on The Lie.
Rhetorical 1: my own rhetorical analysis of The Chocolate War, with parallel deconstruction

Rhetorical 2
: (A+) Truly superior rhetorical response to My Antonia (.pdf)

Rhetorical 3: (A) top quality analysis of Any Human to Another (Click HERE to read the poem!)
Rhetorical 4: (A) excellent analysis of Gary Soto's Oranges (Click HERE to read the poem!)
Rhetorical 5: (A) strong analysis of To Autumn
Rhetorical 6: (A-) another excellent analysis of To Autumn


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