The abbreviation beginning each step is how I will normally refer to that

step in class, on the board, with due dates, and in your grades.


PW - Prewriting: brainstorming, jot listing, webbing, mapping, discussing,


            Special note: THINKING is indeed a PW technique, but you better get

                              those thoughts to paper before long or I will doubt you

                              are actually thinking!  hehe


OL - Organizing/Outlining: get a rough order to your ideas, even if they

                        are incomplete. Create OUTLINE or WRITER'S BLUEPRINT.

            Special note: At first, all of you will be required to do this

                              though I know it is uncomfortable for some. If, after

                              your first couple papers, I see you organize with no

                              problem, I will let you opt out of this if want.


RD - Drafting: Write! Avoid stopping, don't edit yourself, don't correct

                                    spelling, don't worry about order. JUST WRITE!



spend most of your time here. Elicit peer readers, check your   ideas, check  your paragraphs, check your sentences, check description and detail, check to see if you have too much or too little depth, check your structure and clarity.

            Special note: When you are done with this, you will have a big mess

                                    where your RD used to be. This mess is called your

                                    RRD - Revised Rough Draft.


NO ABBREVIATION: Editing/Proofreading: check all your mechanics from

                        punctuation to spelling.

            Special note: There is no abbreviation for this one because I can't

                                    collect editing. It will simply be checked in the

                                    final copy.


FC - Publishing: Submit the Final Copy.


This is a process and as such, is fluid in nature. Digressions and reordering are normal and expected.