Sentence Combining: An Online Tutorial

Mr. Maite

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STOP!  Before you go any further, please remember to READ everything.  This tutorial is completely based on reading and understanding all the material at each step.  Thank you!


Of all the skills you can develop to improve both your grammar and style, perhaps the most effective and useful is sentence combining.  The following tutorial allows you to study each of the most common combining techniques through activities, brief but informative text, and lots of interactive exercises and quizzes.  Simply complete the step-by-step lessons below, and you’ll soon find that you not only understand grammar better, but your writing will become more focused, readable, and clear.



1. Create a complex sentence activity: Rearrange a rather large collection of words to create an actual sentence.  This activity is intended for you to “play” with the language and discover how words can be arranged in several different ways – all in one sentence.


2. Background notes on compounding whole sentences: Read and take notes as needed to understand this concept.  You’ll recognize this one.


Complete Application 1 (5 exercises):

combine whole sentences


3. Notes on four other types of sentence combining: Read and take notes as needed to understand these concepts.  You may find it easier to read each one-by-one and then do the Application Exercise for each.  I know I found it easier that way!


Complete Application 2 (3 exercises):

compounding two or more sentence parts that play the same sentence role


Complete Application 3 (3 exercises):

combine sentences by embedding one within another


Complete Application 4 (3 exercises):

embedded verbals


Complete Application 5 (3 exercises):

This will be review for you but it’s worth it: compound sentences


4. Putting it all together – Read and take notes as needed to understand how to us all methods to create sophisticated, clear sentences

Do print out the copy of “Clause Connectors” as suggested on that page!


Complete Application 6 (5 exercises):

Combining Sentences: Mixing Methods to Combine Sentences


Complete Review and Practice (10 exercises):

The name says it all! Be ready: #10 is an extensive, two paragraph model.


5. Quiz time Fill out this SCORE SHEET to record your results.


Quiz 1:


Quiz 2:


Quiz 3:

Note: When they mention “primer language” in this quiz – as in you are to AVOID it – they are talking about the short, choppy sentences we are working on eliminating.



Supplemental Extensive Notes: