Common Sentence and Comma Errors




There are no definite answers to some of the questions, however there are several theories and various studies that have been done to better educate those interested in the subject.


I was paralyzed by fear and did not want to go on but she insisted that we press on through the darkness and howling wind.


The author of this book believes there is more to experience in life than just the sixteen hours we spend awake walking around, what about the eight hours on average we spend asleep.


Soon, night fell like a musty old blanket over our little town, little did we know that this night would our last of anonymity.


Many people have studied dreams two of the most well-known are Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung.


He asserted that dreams were the result of our repression of certain (sexual) desires, however the desires were often so foreign to our waking natures that our dreams could refer to them through symbolism.


Over the centuries people have believed that during sleep, the body and mind rest this is far from the truth, the body works rigorously  throughout the night.


Every fisherman has his own belief as far as what is the right way to treat the first fish but the question is where did it start.


Again today's culture tends to shy away for the belief in Poseidon, however the special treatment of the first fish still remains.


For example, you may have a dream that overcame one of your fears, this could give you the confidence to really overcome your fears.


No one really knows exactly what dreams are but we have some ideas. (optional: balanced)


Your body begins to jerk and you are suddenly in a deeper sleep. (optional: balanced)



Comma after introductory clauses and phrases


As most doctors know there are four phases of sleep.


From the beginning of time every civilization has had certain superstitions or beliefs.


Optional: In the medieval times pride was demonstrated in many ways.


In one of his dreams Joseph saw that Egypt was due for seven years of good harvests, and then seven years of drought.



Sentence Fragment


The essence of the superstition, more often than not, being a protection against some form of evil.


The "superstitions" that were created to make certain events, like weddings, more meaningful and special for the people involved.


Maybe because it's something we all have in common.  Possibly out of boredom, or fear of what we don't know.