I.Compound se ntence with an elliptical construction


††††††††† S†††† V†††††††† †††††††††† DO; †††††† S††††††††† ,††† DO.

††††††††† We like classical music; George, the blues.


I watch Star Trek in the evenings; my wife, Friends.

The practice critical essay proved difficult for me; t he final copy, easy.


II.Compound sentence with explanatory statement


††††††††† General Statement : Specific Statement

††††††††† ind ependent clause : independent clause


You should always follow this rule:research your topic thoroughly.

I live by a simple rule:nothing in life is black or white.

Iíve learned one important thing this year: organization is a pain!


III.Series without a conjunction.


††††††††† A,B,C (can occur anywhere in a sentence)


Jason enjoys drama, music, reading.

Talent, dedication, character are needed to win a championship.

My best performances in the first semester were in class participation, enrichment, presentations.


IV.Series with a variation.


††††††††† A or B or C†††††††† OR †† A and B and C(can occur anywhere in sentence )


The decision is not up to the coaches or the fans or the athletic director.

Lynne and Kim a nd Jon left school without permission.

Iíve decided I donít like Byron or Shelley or Keats because they were just plain weird.


V. Series of Balanced Pairs


††††††††† A and B, C and D, E and FORA or B, C or D, E or F (parallel structure)


Jen and Tony, Laurie and Ed, Sheri and Jack were all married on the same day.

Famous crime fighting duos include Batman and Robin, Holmes and Watson, Starsky and Hutch.Notice NO colon after include because include must take an object; therefore, a colon there would make the first phrase a fragment.

My favorite presentations were by Lauren and Cole, Alex and Jamie, Tina and Emily.



VI.Internal series of appositives/modifiers set off by a pair of dashes


††††††††† S†††††† --†††††† APP, APP, APP --†††††††† V†††††† DO/PN/PA.

†††††††† †††††††††††††††††††† MOD, MOD, MOD


Sleep -- refreshing, therapeutic, necessary -- has eluded me of late.

Sue -- a friend, an athlete, a scholar -- gained the respect of all.

Tedious, gut-wrenching, painful -- the critical essays drove me crazy.


VII.Dependent clauses in pair/series at beginning or end of sentences.


†††††††† † DC, DC, DC, IC. OR †† IC, DC, DC, DC.


If I get a job, if I save some money, if my dad will let me, I will buy a car.

I stayed home last night because I was sick, because I was tired, because I was broke.

Unless I work harder, unless I keep up, unless I ask questions, Iím never going to get much out of this class.


VIII.Emphatic appositive at end of sentence, after a colon.


††††††††† S†††††† V†††††† (DO/PN/PA)††††††† : †††††† APPOSITIVE.


Markís new car turned some heads: a premium ride.

Terri was a friend to all: a caring person.

The lesson proved terribly difficult: a challenge.

The lesson proved terribly difficult: a horror.A little lesson in tone and diction!


IX.Object or complement (PN/PA) before S V.Use sparingly and with purpose.


††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††† OBJ/COMP††††††† S†††††† V.

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Murder †††† she wro te.


Her choice of words I do not like.

Quite a challenge being creative is.< /b>

Thus the day ended.


X.Complete inversion of normal pattern.< /b>Use sparingly and with purpose.


††††††††† V†††††† S. †††† or††††† COMP†††††† V†††† S.††††† or††††† DO †† V ††††† S.


Thus ended the day.

Down the street and through the mist stumbled the weary man.

Lunch was disgusting thought the students.

Quite a challenge is being creative.