Honors English 9

Materials and Resources

Current Materials and Resources are indicated in bold face.

Unit Materials Class Resources
Autobiographical Fiction
Courage Unit
Frankenstein Study
Grammar Studies
Graphic Organizers
Hopes and Dreams Unit
IDU: Absolute Monarchy Game  
IDU: Holocaust Perspectives

IDU: Rooftop Lab/Process
IDU: Scary Stories
IDU: LA Travel & Problem Solving
Independent Reading Page
Literary Criticism
Literary Perspectives
Night Study
Of Mice and Men Study  s
Perfect Paragraphs
Personal Narrative

Persuasive/Opinion Essay
Persuasive Speech
& Rubric
Problem Solving Unit
Romeo and Juliet Study
Sarah Byrnes Study
Semester Exam Materials
Short Stories
Short Essay/Answers
Surprise & Suspense Narrative
Surprise & Suspense Unit
Vocabulary Studies (old)
Class Syllabus & Policies
Class Participation

HCSD Academic Writing Rubric
HCSD Narrative Writing Rubric
Journal Guidelines
Portfolio Guidelines
Revision Guidelines
Student Work and Exemplars
Worksheet/Short Essay Rubric

MLA Style Guide
Davidson Research Guide

Teacher Webpages
Davidson Main
Hilliard City Schools Main

Student OGT Review Site