English Nine and Honors English Nine

Short Story Unit Page



General Unit Resources


Entire Lit Techniques and Terms List
Terms Covered in this Unit

Critical Analysis Process Flow Chart

Literary Analysis Resources Page
Intro to Lit Crit Summary Page

Rhetorical Critical Essay Rubric
General Lit Crit Rubric
Character Sketch Rubric
Student Critical Essay Samples

Introduction to Critical/Rhetorical Analysis:
 Activity & Graphic Organizer

Specific Story Studies and Activities
Click HERE to see the skills covered in each story.

"The Sniper" - Theme Wheel - Our first class effort to connect theme and literary technique. Notes given completely in class - get from a friend if absent!

"Marigolds" - Theme Wheel - Your first individual effort to connect theme and technique. Notes given completely in class - get from a friend if absent!
"Marigolds" Study Packet
Marigolds Essay Outline
Marigolds Essay Samples

Scary Stories Mini IDU: "The Cask of Amontillado"
"Cask" Scary Story Worksheet
Scary Stories Directions & Rubric
Tips for Writing Horror

Scary Story Revision Guide

Sense Words Handout

"The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" - Dramatization of a Daydream
Daydream Skit Guidelines and Rubric

Script format for typing
Group Responsibilities Worksheet
Online Text

"The Necklace"
"The Most Dangerous Game"
"Through the Tunnel"
"To Build a Fire"
"The Scarlet Ibis"

(not used this year)
"Cask: SG Disc- Present
Mastery Activity: Group Teaching
Lesson Planner

Mastery Activity: Character Sketch

Mastery Activity: Rhetorical Critical Essay Writing


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