Blue Team Grammar Studies 2008-2009


Because of the nature of this material, I want you to take notes in class from our PowerPoint presentations.  The process of taking the notes is quite important in the effort to actually process the information in class. 


Topics and Sequence

Dependent & Independent Clauses
Worksheet 1        Worksheet 1 Key               
Worksheet 2        Worksheet 2 Key

Sentence Errors: Fragments, Run-Ons (Comma Splices)
Worksheet 3 (Key included) 
Worksheet 4         Worksheet 4 Key

Commas & Semi-Colons
Worksheet 5         Worksheet 5 Key
Worksheet 6         Worksheet 6 Key

Sentence Combining Tutorial

Parallel Structure Tutorial


Other Helpful Information

All Conjunctions

Subordinating Conjunctions

Coordinating Conjunctions

Conjunctive Adverbs


Worksheet Completion Grade Sheet